Power Squared

Replacement power supplies, batteries and other power accessories for your laptops.

Please contact us with your requirements as we can deal with most makes.




5 in 1 Mains and Car Charger

Works with a wall power outlet, car cigarette lighter socket and airplane seat power connection
For use in Car, Plane and Boat - 12v DC
Switchable from 12v - 24v
Laptop, iPod, Mobile Phone, Sat Nav and PSP Charger in one!!
100 Watt (7amps max) Output
Including 9 different swappable connectors to fit most iPod, mobile phone, TomTom and PSP models (See full compatibility below)
Includes 11 different tips for over 12,000 Notebook models
Protected against overload and overheating

Universal Notebook Car Charger

12V DC Input
15-24v Switchable DC Output
Up to 6A Max
12 tips for max compatibility
Includes HP SmartCharger tip
"Cigar" lighter power plug
For use in Car, Plane or Boat
Brand New UK Stock
13 Month Warranty

Our Universal DC adapter is a useful product to have at hand for those needing power on the move.



Universal Notebook AC Adapter

110-240v AC Input
15-24v Switchable DC Output
Up to 6A Max
12 Tip Options
Includes HP SmartCharger Tip
FREE UK Mains Cable
Brand New UK Stock
13 Month Warranty
Protection Against Overheating
Short Circuit Protection

This Universal AC is a great power option to have in stock. It caters for a wide variety of leading brand and clone notebooks. With the recent inclusion of an additional 6 tips taking the total to 12, there are not many notebooks this unit now can't cover.



DC-AC Inverter

150w Power Inverter
3 in 1 Inverter with USB/DC/AC ports
Allows you to use devices with a 3 pin plug in a car
150w output
12v input
220-240v AC output
5v (500mA) USB output
12v DC output

This Inverter is a great product to have in stock. It allows the use of various devices to be run whilst in your car, boat, caravan.